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Facility of Occupational and Rehabilitative Medicine

Helping the Katahdin Region Reach New Heights for Health and Wellness

Millinocket Regional Hospital operates community-based rehabilitation and wellness services that feature trained staff in hospital based therapies and community based exercise programs. FORM, located off campus, provides physical therapy in a gym setting or in our therapeutic pool, community education and wellness programs, monitored exercise programs in the gym and/or pool environment and swimming lessons for adults, children and toddlers.


“Do not fear life’s challenges. Instead, embrace them as opportunities for growth and pathways for discovering a higher quality of life.” Are you ready for change in your life? Are you ready to grow in terms of your health and wellness? If the answer is “yes,” then FORM is here to assist in your growth and development. The Facility of Occupational and Rehabilitative Medicine (FORM) is an integral part of health and wellness within the Millinocket Regional Hospital system of care. Our goal at FORM is to help our community members change their lifestyles to move toward a state of optimal health.

Available Services and Equipment

“Don’t follow the crowd, make up your own mind.” When it comes to making a decision to change your life in terms of health, only you can make the decision that you are ready for change. When you decide, FORM is ready to help with a wide variety of services, classes, and equipment. At FORM, we aim not only to help individuals become physically fit, but we are here to encourage them to continue along this path they’ve chosen. A wide variety of fitness services are available for all members of our community. Our fitness equipment is varied and designed to maximize an individual’s time.

A Complete Lineup of Land and Water Based Fitness Equipment

  • Bicycles by Monark, Diamondback and Schwinn
  • Five Station Maxicam Multimax Weight System
  • Free Weights
  • Locker Rooms
  • Stairmaster Stair Climbers
  • Treadmills by Quinton
  • True Recumbant Bike
  • True Elliptical Runner

Programs, Classes and Training

Within the walls of our facility, we offer a wide range of programs, classes, and training. Below is a sampling of some of the wellness activities for which we at FORM are responsible.

Back School
Information by a physical therapist regarding issues to prevent back injuries.

Blood Pressure and Colon Screens
Screening local employees for irregular blood pressures and providing of colon screening kits.

Breast Health Awareness
Month-long events providing community education, insight, and support throughout the month of October.

Cholesterol Screens
Technician takes blood sample (finger prick), which is analyzed, in portable analyzer. Readout of total cholesterol is provided. Follow-up encouraged based upon sample.

CPR Training
Training to the public by a qualified professional.

Information provided by professional on the topic.

Diabetes Education
ADEF program covering all aspects of diabetes education.

A national YWCA support, education, and exercise program for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

First Aid
Training to the public by a qualified professional. *Fitness Assessment
Screening of local employees on basic parameters of fitness at place of employment.

Foot Screens
Medical providers perform foot evaluations and make recommendations.

Hand and Foot Massage
Learning and experience in giving and receiving hand and foot massage.

Health and Fitness Screens
Designed to provide screening and evaluation of total systems for individuals. Blood, urine, vision, musculoskeletal, strength, and flexibility evaluated. Primary health and wellness screening for a major industry in the community.

Individualized Fitness Programs
Fitness programs designed with your goals in mind by our team of fitness specialists
Personal Training: Individualized physical fitness training provided to the public.

Men’s Health
Information regarding men’s health issues.

Menopause Seminar
Information provided by professional on the topic. *Nutrition and Exercise
Lecture to public regarding the role of nutrition and exercise.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional information.

Oral Mouth Screen
Physical screen by a trained professional regarding oral cancer.

Osteoporosis Seminar
Information provided by professional on the topic along with a bone scan.

Prostrate Examinations
Physical screen by a trained professional regarding enlarged prostrates in men.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking cessation classes facilitated by trained professional.

Spirit of the Community 5k Walk/Run
A fun fitness event. Participants have the choice of walking or running this 5k (3.1 mile) race.

“The more you change, the more you become an instrument of change in the lives of others.”

Stress Management
Information provided by professional on the topic.

Swimming Lessons
Training to the public by a qualified professional.

Variety Show
Variety show provided by hospital employees and their families for the entertainment of the community.

Water Fitness
Aquatic conditioning offered in an open class setting.

Water Safety
Training to the public by a qualified professional.

Weight For Me
Client centered weight and behavior modification program.

Winter Survival Fair
Information provided by various public and private agencies regarding winter health, safety, and well-being. Health Fair Information provided by various public and private agencies regarding the well-being of mind, body, and spirit

Women’s Health Issues
Information on women’s health issues.

Equipment is necessary for clients to exercise on, but our staff is the element that makes our programs work in changing the lives of others. Our purpose is to provide health and wellness programs that are both fun and safe. The wellness staff at FORM has the education, experience, and background to make this happen. Having a strong background in fitness is what sets us apart from just another facility with weights and treadmills. The Fitness Specialists on staff have exercise science degrees from top programs such as the University of Maine, Orono, and the University of Illinois. Additionally, many of our staff are Personal Trainers certified by the American Council of Exercise. Finally, FORM has nursing staff and physical therapists available for consultation should the need arise.

Serving the Needs of the Community

“Every journey begins with a single step.”
Persons who are contemplating a return to exercise, beginning a program, or are in need of a change of pace are invited to FORM for a tour of our facility. Any of our staff will be glad to assist you in discovering a higher quality of life.