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Wound Care

Proper wound care is imperative to the healing process.  Improper care can result in a wound that never heals resulting in discomfort and increased risk of infection.

The MRH Wound Clinic is headed up by Certified Wound Care Nurse, Laura Carney, RN.  Laura will make sure your wound gets the proper care it needs to heal.  We offer an extensive range of wound care treatments ranging from advanced dressings to negative pressure wound therapy to foot and nail care for both diabetic and non-diabetic patients.  Laura is certified in wound care as well as diabetic wounds and ostomy care.

Wound care can be life-changing.  Don’t believe us?  Take a look at the patient testimonials below.


  • Advanced dressings
  • Debridement
  • Advanced biological skin substitute
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Tissue perfusion study
  • Pre-operative ostomy marking and counseling
  • Ostomy evaluation, management and education
  • Diabetic foot care and nail care
  • Routine nail care for non-diabetic patients

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Our patients are very passionate about the care they’ve received.  These testimonials were published with permission.

“I was impressed with my first meeting with Kathy.  She was courteous, professional and caring.  Being a wound care nurse, she was very particular about how my wound care was done.  I felt blessed to have her caring for my wound.  It gave me peace of mind.”  – Michael Jarvis

“Kathy was an amazing resource.  She has a very upbeat personality and a very light hearted way of explaining everything to me and my family; while still being very professional and serious about how to care for my stoma.  Kathy has kept in contact with me and let us know to  call her with any questions or concerns.  I feel like Kathy has become part of my family by her help with my healing process.”  – Jeff Jameson

“I am extremely grateful that MRH has a Certified Wound Specialist.  The staff was very helpful in making sure that I was comfortable and that the wound was healing properly.  Thank you Kathy & Katie for your care and MRH for having such a beneficial service.”  – Jeff Neal

Schedule An Appointment:

To learn more about our Wound Care clinic, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (207) 723-7265.  Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

Hours of Operation:

Our daily hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, however our clinic hours can be flexible to meet the needs of our patients.


Millinocket Regional Hospital
200 Somerset Street
Millinocket, ME 04462

Contact Information:

Laura Carney, RN
Certified Wound Clinic Nurse
Phone: (207) 447-4239
Email: lcarney@mrhme.org