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Millinocket History

Millinocket was originally the site for a hydroelectric dam in the late 1800’s. The plans were changed when Charles W. Mullen and Garret Schenck, who were looking for a site to build the dam, decided the same site would be ideal for a pulp plant to produce paper. Shortly after the funds and plans were secured, the town grew as the need for more workers became greater. Settlers from everywhere came to the area. Italians, French Canadians, Lithuanians, Poles, Estonians, Russians, Germans, and people from many other ethnic backgrounds all settled in Millinocket. Later once the mill was complete the logs reached the mill by floating down the river.

Millinocket Today

Millinocket is surrounded by woodlands, lakes, rivers, streams and mountains and is located only 20 miles from the highest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katahdin, which is at the end of the Appalachian Trail. Known as the four-season resort, Millinocket has outdoor activities available year round from snowmobile and hunting to hiking, camping and fishing. The Katahdin Region includes the towns of East Millinocket, and Medway and has a population of approximately 11,000 people. Retail business depends mostly on tourists coming to the area year round.

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