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  • MRH kicks off 2023 Love Light campaign

    By Shelley Farrington    Lincoln News  •  November 29, 2023

      KATAHDIN REGION – Millinocket Regional Hospital (MRH) and the Legacy Medical Foundation (LMF) have announced their annual Lights of Love fundraising drive to benefit MRH’s new Emergency Department.

      LMF President Michael Crowley said the Lights of Love program, a beloved program first started by the MRH Auxiliary, is a perfect way to remember loved ones and help MRH continue to take the best care of its community as possible.

      “Lights of Love is open to all – patients, family members, Katahdin region residents and visitors, former residents, anyone who wants to remember a loved one or honor someone with a special thank you,” he said.

      Citizens can purchase lights – white are $5; green $10; red $25; orange $50; blue $100; purple $200; constellations $250 (three available) and a star $500 (one available). Order online at  or call Crowley at 723-7419. Flyers with order forms are also available at the hospital.

      There will be an online celebration of the Lights of Love on the MRH website where honorees will be listed along with the individual making the gift.

      The Lights of Love tree will be on display at the Millinocket bandstand for everyone to enjoy.

      “The Lights of Love tree will sparkle with hundreds of lights, glittering like jewels, each one honoring a loved one,” Crowley said. “You will provide a remembrance and establish a symbol of love and hope.”