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COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration

Help us by pre-registering for the COVID-19 vaccine!

You do not have to be a patient of MRH to pre-register or receive the COVID vaccine through one of our community vaccination clinics. You do, however, have to meet criteria set by the Maine CDC to be considered for the current phase of vaccination.

By pre-registering, you will be added to our database, and we will contact you to schedule your vaccinationWe thank you for your patience as we work to get you vaccinated.


  • Add your email address for vaccine updates sent directly to your inbox.
    Please indicate which vaccine you prefer. If you have no preference, please select that option.

If you were fortunate to receive the COVID-19 vaccine elsewhere, please let us know!

Send an email with your name and date of birth to unregister@mrhme.org to free up a space for someone else.