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You have pre-registered!

You have pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine through Millinocket Regional Hospital. 

Vaccinations will be instrumental in ending the pandemic and allowing us to resume our normal lives.
Thank you for doing your part!


When can I expect to be contacted?: 

Vaccines will be administrated in phases based on criteria provided by the Maine CDC in order to get the vaccines to people who are at the highest risk for COVID.  Though subject to change, the phases and approximate timelines are outlined as follows:

Phase 1a  (December – January)

    • Health Care Personnel Needed to Preserve Critical Health Care Services
    • Residents and Staff of Long-Term Care Facilities
    • Other Patient-Facing Health Care Personnel
    • Public Safety Personnel
    • COVID-19 Response Personnel

Phase 1b  (February – April)

    • Older Mainers
    • Adults of all Ages With High-Risk Medical Conditions
    • Certain Front Line Essential Workers

Phase 1c  (May – June)

    • Other Essential Workers

Phase 2  (June and Beyond)

    • Persons aged 16-64 not otherwise eligible in a prior phase


What to expect:

Now that you are pre-registered, please don’t call us—we’ll call you.  As we receive vaccine, we will schedule appointments for those who have pre-registered for the vaccine and meet the criteria of the current phase.

The number of people we can vaccinate is dependent on how much vaccine we receive. As it comes in, we’ll be administering it.  We don’t anticipate we’ll receive all the vaccine we need at once, so please be patient and know we’re working as efficiently as possible to get you vaccinated.



  • You’re pre-registered! All you need to do now is wait patiently for our call.  This could be days, weeks or even months depending on when you are eligible for the vaccine.  But don’t worry— You’re on the list!
  • We will contact you with a date and time for you to receive your vaccine. Until then, don’t call us.  We’ll call you.
  • Please do not leave multiple messages asking to be contacted regarding the vaccine. We’ll contact you when it’s your time—as long as you’ve pre-registered.
  • Please show up at your designated time. Do not show up early-you will be asked to wait in your vehicle until it is your designated time!
  • Vaccinations will be by appointment only. Please do not show up if you do not have an appointment.  You will be turned away.

For up-to-date information related to the vaccine rollout, please visit https://www.maine.gov/covid19/vaccines

We look forward to getting you immunized against COVID-19!  Until then, please continue to follow CDC guidance—wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands to keep the virus at bay.