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    • 02 JAN 19

    LIFEstyle Fitness- Keeping people well in the Katahdin Region

    MILLINOCKET – “My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit,” comedian Phyllis Diller suggested once. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres declared: ‘I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happier with buns of cinnamon.” Fitness and exercise, however, are no laughing matters for 92-year-old Harold Higgins of Millinocket, nor the approximately 172 other

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    • 11 OCT 18

    Turkeys “gobbled” up at Timber Cruisers supper to benefit MRH

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • October 11, 2018 MILLINOCKET – When the Northern Timber Cruisers put on a benefit supper, they don’t fool around. Last Thursday, the club opened their 2018/2019 public supper season with a bang.  The proceeds for this event went entirely to the Millinocket Regional Hospital’s oncology clinic renovation project.  And

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    • 27 SEP 18

    Dancing, dining and donating to add funds for MRH oncology clinic expansion

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • September 27, 2018 MILLINOCKET –  With summer behind us and fall in full swing, the drive to raise funds for the Oncology Clinic at MRH is continuing full steam ahead. A variety of events are scheduled to take place that will hopefully help the hospital “family” achieve their

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    • 20 SEP 18

    MRH honors employees with service awards at family picnic

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • September 20, 2018 MILLINOCKET – MRH’s Employee/ Family Picnic and the 35th Annual Employee Service Awards Ceremony were held Thursday September 13th. With perfect weather in plentiful supply, employees relaxed under a huge tent and were treated to a bountiful picnic buffet that featured grilled chicken and hamburgers

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    • 20 SEP 18

    Clinic to offer protection from the onset of an early flu season

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • September 20, 2018 MILLINOCKET – The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has notified Millinocket Regional Hospital that there is an early start to the flu season here in Maine. MRH received information from the CDC that positive laboratory testings from around the state have shown that

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    • 06 SEP 18

    New treatment chairs are in use, patients very pleased with them

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • September 6, 2018 MILLINOCKET – Some of life’s greatest accomplishments are the results of endeavors that started on a small scale. At Millinocket Regional Hospital, the Oncology Department’s Renovation and Expansion Drive is  proving that philosophy to be true. In February of 2017, the hospital community decided to

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    • 02 AUG 18

    Bump in the Road: In the heat of the moment, you could get really sick

    By Miles Howard    The Boston Globe correspondent • August 01, 2018 The first sign of trouble was the guitar. It was a stupefyingly humid weekend in Baxter State Park — my hiking companion, c and I had driven there to climb Mount Katahdin and offer our blood to the black flies for a few days.

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    • 16 JUL 18

    Lone Star Ticks + Maine: A message from the Maine CDC

    Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Advisory  •  July 9, 2018 Maine CDC and its public health partners are receiving multiple questions and consultations about Lone Star ticks, as well as ehrlichiosis and alpha-gal (red meat) allergies.  To address these questions and concerns, they have created an informational public health advisory document

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    • 17 MAY 18

    Playing to win for the cure

    By Robbie McKay    Lincoln News • May 17, 2018 MILLINOCKET – When Angela Morrow found out she had breast cancer, she decided to not only fight for her own life but for others lives as well. Nine years later, her legacy continues. The Ninth Annual Battle for a Cure Softball Tournament takes place this

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    • 12 APR 18

    MRH Oncology fundraiser a success

    By Benjamin Barr, Jr.    Lincoln News • April 12, 2018 MILLINOCKET—The word oncology may or may not be known to the general public; certainly to those who have had tumors or cancers or know someone who does knows what it is about and why it is important. come defines it as “the branch

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