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  • Dr. Kowalski leaving MRH after 20+ years

    From the desk of Mark Kowalski, MD | General Surgery

    September 12, 2023

    Dear Patient and Friend,

    After much consideration and a lengthy career including more than 20 years at MRH, I am resigning from my position as General Surgeon.  My departure will be effective October 31st, 2023.

    This is undeniably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made and one I’ve contemplated for some time.  I have truly enjoyed my time at MRH and will miss my patients and the staff I’ve come to love working with.

    The nature of this job is as demanding as it is rewarding.  I’ve been blessed with an incredibly supportive family who understand the unpredictability of my job and the deep-rooted responsibility I feel to render care to those in need.  My family has encouraged me to practice medicine the way I believe it should be practiced and fulfill my commitment to my patients, prioritizing their health and well-being above all.  For that, I am truly grateful.

    My wife, Sherry, and I moved to Millinocket in 2002.  Since that time, we’ve grown into a family of four and watched our two sons, Matthew and Jacob, grow into young adults.  We have made incredible connections with friends who have become family and immersed ourselves in the community.  Millinocket is our home, and we have no plans to leave.

    As I near the end of my contract, it feels like the right time to step back.  I look forward to focusing my time and attention on my family as well as pursuing other hobbies and interests.  I am unsure at this time if I will seek out part-time work as a surgeon elsewhere.

    I leave you in the capable hands of Dr. Niayesh and my future replacement, who will continue to provide quality general surgery services at Millinocket Regional Hospital.  Your medical records will remain safely on file at MRH and remain confidential, as per federal law.

    It has been a privilege and honor to take care of the healthcare needs for MRH and the community for over 20 years.  Thank you for entrusting me with your care.

    With respect and gratitude,

    Mark A. Kowalski, MD