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    • 19 JUN 17

    Maine CDC Recommendations: Tick Bites

    Tick Bite Recommendations As the summer approaches, Maine CDC is answering many questions about what to do after a tick bite. Through Maine CDC’s syndromic surveillance system it is apparent that emergency rooms are seeing a dramatic increase in visits for suspected tick exposures as well. What to do after a tick bite: Remove the

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    • 19 MAY 17

    Hospital the Victim of Negative Mailing

    Many residents of Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway received a very negative mailing on Thursday, May 18th.  The author and sender of this document is a disgruntled physician.  This physician was not an employee of MRH but rather, a contracted physician we used to cover some open shifts.  His work was not completely in line

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    • 20 JAN 17

    Confirmed Cases of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) in Katahdin Region

    A BUELLETIN FROM MILLINOCKET REGIONAL HOSPITAL AND THE MAINE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION(MeCDC): Since December 29th, 2016, Millinocket Regional Hospital has seen an increased number of pertussis (whooping cough) cases in the Katahdin Region. Pertussis is an infection that affects the airways and is easily spread from person to person by coughing or

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    • 20 DEC 16

    Thriving in Place Initiative Continues to Grow

    Augusta, ME (December 13, 2016)— Two Maine communities will receive a total of $600,000 in grant support over three years as part of the Maine Health Access Foundation’s Thriving in Place initiative.  These awards represent the third round of implementation funding under this program, designed to promote community-driven approaches to supporting people with chronic health

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    • 13 DEC 16

    Understanding Your Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

    Medicare prescription drug coverage can be complicated and difficult to understand.  We recognize how frustrating this can be and would like to share some information to help our patients better understand Medicare prescription drug coverage.  Self-administered drugs (or drugs you would normally take on your own) provided in an outpatient setting are at the root of much of

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    • 07 DEC 16

    MRH Strategic Plan 2016-2017

    Each year MRH has to do an annual review that encompasses things like: utilization of services, volume trends, strengths, weaknesses, etc.  View in-depth information pertaining to the evaluation for 2016-2017 here. In addition, MRH also produces a Health Plan which identifies regional health needs and a strategy for meeting that need.  Those needs, strategies and

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    • 25 APR 16

    Celebrate “Lab Week” with MRH!

    Laboratory professionals work to the highest standards for quality and patient safety.  They get results, and deliver their knowledge and expertise to ensure patients get the most accurate diagnosis and most appropriate treatment. They are a critical component of the larger healthcare community.  This week is dedicated to the men and women of Millinocket Regional

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    • 20 APR 16

    Health & Wellness Fair

    On behalf of Millinocket Regional Hospital, we invite you to join us for a Health & Wellness Fair on April 30, 2016, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Stearns High School Wentworth Gymnasium in Millinocket. The theme is ‘A Healthy Community for a Healthy Future’ and with the participation of over 70 vendors from across

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    • 17 DEC 15

    Winter Safety Tips from the MRH Rehab Dept.

    The ground isn’t white! What gives?  For those of you that do not like the ‘white stuff’ that we are sure to get, you can count your blessings.  For those of you, like us, who are anxiously awaiting for the ‘white stuff’, we say, “Bring it on!” With that said, it is important that everyone

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    • 16 OCT 15

    Millinocket Regional Hospital & State Healthcare Leaders Commit to “Accountable Care” – Introduce Community Care Partnership of Maine

    BANGOR, ME – Millinocket Regional Hospital (MRH) and ten other community healthcare organizations across the state have joined together to form Community Care Partnership of Maine (CCPM), an Accountable Care Organization collectively committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of health care delivery in Maine and reducing unnecessary healthcare costs.  CCPM members are dedicated to

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