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  • Lone Star Ticks + Maine: A message from the Maine CDC

    Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Public Health Advisory  •  July 9, 2018

    Maine CDC and its public health partners are receiving multiple questions and consultations about Lone Star ticks, as well as ehrlichiosis and alpha-gal (red meat) allergies.  To address these questions and concerns, they have created an informational public health advisory document to educate us all about Lone Star ticks, the illnesses associated with them as well as their presence in Maine.

    The good news?  Lone Star ticks are NOT endemic in Maine, and so illnesses associated with this tick are usually acquired while traveling. Maine CDC collaborates with both the Maine Medical Center Research Institute’s Vectorborne Disease Laboratory and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s tick identification lab to monitor the presence of tick species in the state.

    Read the full version of this advisory here.