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  • Community vaccinations continue to climb, more registrations needed

    By Shelley Farrington   Lincoln News • April 8, 2021

    MILLINOCKET – Millinocket Regional Hospital continues its mission to vaccinate as many people as it can with two more successful vaccination clinics at Stearns Junior/Senior High School last week.

    Thanks to the March 31 clinic, at which 170 doses of the “one and done” J&J vaccine were given 2,242 community members had been vaccinated and were considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their shot.

    The April 3 mass vaccination clinic with another 700 second dose Moderna vaccines given can be added to that total. Four hundred more citizens are waiting their second dose of Moderna at an upcoming clinic

    Another J&J vaccine clinic was scheduled for April 7 at Stearns.

    According to MRH Marketing Coordinator Katie Mackin 90 percent of MRH staff is part of that fully vaccinated number which is impressive as a national survey done by KFF/The Washington Post found “Most who work in hospitals (66 percent) and outpatient clinics (64 percent) say they have received a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to half who work in doctors’ offices (52 percent) or in nursing homes or assisted care facilities (50 percent), and a quarter (26 percent) of home health care workers. Similarly, seven in ten (68 percent) of those responsible for patient diagnosis and treatment like a doctor or a nurse report receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to about four in 10 of those who perform administrative duties (44 percent) or who assist with patient care such as bathing, eating, cleaning, exercising, and housekeeping (37 percent).”

    Between MRH clinics and the increased appointments with Northern Light Health Clinics the region continues to increase vaccination numbers. However with the change in vaccination age requirements dropping to include any citizen aged 16 and older, MRH staff strongly encourage anyone interested in getting vaccinated to register online at their www.mrhme.org/getvax site or by calling 723-7225.

    Since the Pfizer vaccine is the only one approved for the age group of 16-18 years of age, parents and guardians looking to vaccinate children in that group need to register with Northern Light Health at one of its Pfizer clinics. That can be done by going online to Northern Light Health COVID-19 Vaccination Public Portal.

    However, for those community members 18 or older MRH continues to offer vaccinations, currently the J&J vaccination is being offered.

    “It’s extremely important to register,” said Phillips, RN, BSN, MPH, “for (MRH) to continue to receive vaccine we must show the need.  It’s very important that people show that need by registering, especially in the rural areas where getting to one of the larger vaccination sites may not be possible or convenient.”

    The State of Maine is now requiring identification be presented before vaccination, Phillips added.

    Whatever you reason for getting vaccinated, health concerns, wanting to visit family, traveling without restriction, Mackin said get registered and get vaccinated.

    “The community is continually moving towards better health with increased vaccinations,” Mackin said, “it’s been wonderful to be able to help so many members of our region get back a little bit of life before the pandemic.”