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  • MRH Scores “Best” Rating in 2015 Medication Spotlight Survey

    Millinocket Regional Hospital participated in the 2015 Medication Spotlight Survey and the results are in!  Each year, as we implement additional safety measures and processes in our pharmacy, we have seen our scores move from the “better” category to the “best” category.

    This year, the Maine Health Management Coalition raised the bar; requiring an additional 10 point grading to rank in the “best” category.  Even with this additional criteria, MRH scored a 91 and maintained it’s “best rating”.  Congratulations and thank you to our fantastic pharmaceutical crew – Brian, Judy and Karen – for your commitment to medication safety and for ensuring that our pharmacy continually exceeds expectations!

    All thirty five acute care hospitals in Maine, including MRH, completed the Medication Spotlight Survey in 2015.  Twenty one hospitals (60%) received a “Best” rating,  11 hospitals (31.4%) received a “Better” rating, 2 hospitals (5.7%) received a “Good” rating and one hospital (2.9%) received a “Low” rating.  The average score for 2015 (90.6) was higher than the 2014 Annual Survey (86.5). Maine’s hospitals should be congratulated for their outstanding commitment to Medication Safety.  The 2015 thresholds were increased by 10 points for each performance rating category and are as follows:

    Rating 2015 Score
    Best ≥90
    Better ≥80 to <90
    Good ≥70 to <80
    Low < 70

    For more information about the Medication Spotlight Survey, visit the Maine Health Management Coalition at www.mehmc.org.