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  • PHONE SCAM ALERT | Millinocket Regional Hospital

    We have been made aware of a phone scam targeting the Katahdin Region.

    Scammers are falsely claiming to be local healthcare employees and asking for personal information.  The scammers use a technique called “spoofing” to manipulate the caller ID to make it appear is if these calls are coming from Millinocket Regional Hospital.  We can assure you, they are not.

    Unfortunately, scammers use this illegal practice to give themselves credibility.  The good news is no one has access to our phone system or any of our data.  This technology trick is done through their phone line, not ours.

    If you receive a suspicious call, do not provide any personal information.  Please be vigilant and do not fall victim to these scammers.  If something doesn’t feel right, hang up immediately.

    Millinocket Regional Hospital (or our billing company “TruBridge”) may call you to schedule appointments, relay test results or other official business, or discuss your bill.  However, we will never ask you to provide your full social security number or Medicare number by phone. Remember, the hospital already has these numbers and does not need you to repeat them.  Please do not ever release these numbers in their entirety to any caller over the phone.

    If you’re unsure whether or not a call from MRH is legitimate, ask for the caller’s name, hospital department and call back number.  When calling back, use our main phone number (207)723-5161 to ensure the caller is who they say they are.