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The mission of the hospital pharmacy is to make the best use of medications. The pharmacy is responsible for providing services and to measure outcomes of patients related to medication therapy; this is done by the Pharmacist with assistance from the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee at MRH.

The scope of responsibility for the Pharmacy includes Medication Use Policy development, Practice Management, Optimization of Medication Therapy, Drug Product Procurement and Inventory, Management, Preparing and Packaging and Labeling Medications, Safe Medication Delivery, Monitoring Medication Use, and Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Medication use system.

A pharmacist is scheduled to be on-site 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday 8 to 4; at all other times a remote pharmacist is available and actively monitoring orders and providing verification of physician’s orders, and is available for consultation to the clinical and medical staff.


Contact Information:

Name: Daniel Burk, Director of Pharmacy
Phone: 207-723-5161
Address: Millinocket Regional Hospital, 200 Somerset St. Millinocket, ME 04462