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  • Winter Safety Tips from the MRH Rehab Dept.

    The ground isn’t white! What gives?  For those of you that do not like the ‘white stuff’ that we are sure to get, you can count your blessings.  For those of you, like us, who are anxiously awaiting for the ‘white stuff’, we say, “Bring it on!”

    With that said, it is important that everyone handling the snow does so with great caution as to not injure themselves.  Here are a few helpful tips to help prevent the ‘snow removal pain’:

    1. If you have to shovel, do so in a straight line with no twisting. Push the snow, if possible, to place it where it belongs.
    2. When shoveling, be sure to bend your knees! Let the larger muscles of your legs do the work for you rather than the weaker, smaller muscles of your back.  Try to remember to use your core/stomach muscles to help stabilize your upper body while you are moving the snow.
    3. If you use a snow blow, let the snow blower do its job. Try not to push and pull on it with force beyond the speed of the machine.
    4. Shoveling roofs? Do not do this alone.  Have someone present to assist with holding the ladder.  Tie yourself off to the chimney or another strong structure so if you slip, you will not go crashing to the ground.

    Christmas is fast approaching.  Let’s stay safe for the holiday and the New Year to come.  If you should sustain an injury, remember MRH Rehabilitation department is here to help get you back to all your normal tasks and even back to snow removal!